Sonautics for Retailers

Our Technology Helps Our Customers Reach New Customers

Sonautics Services enable brands to use custom fit tips in their products instead of stock tips. With our services, custom tips for most in-ear products will become readily available in retail stores, the same or next day, at an affordable price, allowing the retailer to offer the consumer a product and service heretofore unavailable. Mid-market consumers who use stock tips today can readily switch to custom fit for comfort and performance reasons.
Among those companies that can deliver Custom Fit Ear Tips to a retailer, Sonautics is unique in offering point-of-sale capture and local and in-store manufacturing solutions.
Our Services:
Sonautics has developed multiple offerings that enable manufacturing of ear gear, on demand, in or near retail stores, using technology and services.
• In-store 3D Scanning - SonaScan (Technology Services)
• Ear Impression Scanning (Demanded by existing market)
• Direct Ear Scanning (To reach larger consumer market)
• CAD in the Cloud - SonaCAD (Converts scans to ready-to-3D-print models)
Converts each ear model to many ear tip models for different headset styles.
• In-store 3D Printing - SonaPrint (Technology Services)
• Local 3D printing service bureaus
• Data in the Cloud - SonaData (provides Sonautics and its customvers with data)
Information for customer billing and statistical information
• Ears on File for additional product sales

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