Sonautics for Manufacturers

Our Technology Helps Our Customers Reach

Our Services: Sonautics has developed multiple offerings that enable manufacturing of ear gear, on demand, in or near retail stores, using technology and services.
• In-store 3D Scanning - SonaScan (Technology Services)
• Ear Impression Scanning (Demanded by existing market)
• Direct Ear Scanning (To reach larger consumer market)
• CAD in the Cloud - SonaCAD (Converts scans to ready-to-3D-print models)
Converts each ear model to many ear tip models for different headset styles.
• In-store 3D Printing - SonaPrint (Technology Services)
• Local 3D printing service bureaus
• Data in the Cloud - SonaData (provides Sonautics and its customvers with data)
Information for customer billing and statistical information
• Ears on File for additional product sales
The custom manufacturer wants minimum changes to their manufacturing process, and maximum reduction of cost and effort in their logistics.
The fitters want a simple system that is faster and more convenient than shipping, and an ability to attract new consumers.
The end users want a better fit and quicker turn around for custom fit.
All the stakeholders want greater efficiency and lower pricing.

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