For Investors

We believe the Custom Ear Gear segment will grow to $3B+, by converting a portion of the current Stock Fit consumer market to Custom Fit

Sonautics recognizes the potential of very large, but as yet unaddressed markets, which it terms ghost markets, where mass customization will revolutionize industries and how products get to market. Of the many markets with potential for mass customization, Sonautics is currently developing technology for the audio market. A small penetration into that market will quickly create a company with sales in excess of $200 million.
Sonautics provides in-store 3D production services to in-ear headset retailers. Our technology and services enable sales and delivery of custom fit headset components with a 1 hour to 24 hour turnaround. Sonautics' in-store, cloud controlled scanners, CAD services, and 3D printing services utilizing third party 3D printers make custom fit fast and easy, a significant differentiator.
The reason to invest is that Sonautics scales well through it's customers' multipliers:.
The customers have a number of locations
Each location's volume of scans will grow with market awareness
Efficient distribution to the consumer will result in lower costs to Sonautics and lower prices to the consumer
Increases in volume results in increasing gross profit margins for both Sonautics and its customers, and lower operating costs as a percentage of sales

Custom Fit

Companies that introduced mass customization to retail have revolutionized and dominated their markets. Dr. Scholls in-store Custom Orthotic Kiosks and Luxxotica/Lenscrafters in-store one hour eyeglass manufacturing systems have transformed their markets when customized solutions became fast and easy for consumers.

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